IVMS Tracking Solutions

Whether you need simple GPS tracking or expanded two-way messaging, routing and navigation, the team at YMS can help create a solution that fits your needs. We’ll bring all the data together with real-time alerts, information dashboards and detailed reports to make GPS fleet management an integral part of your success. As vehicle technology advances so does the amount of meaningful data you can source from your fleet. By using our solutions


The Qube is designed to either work alone or be connected to additional Navman Wireless devices. With a ‘modular’ approach towards our technology, customers can be sure that they only pay for what they need.

Satellite Communications tracking

For organisations which operate in remote areas without mobile coverage, fleet tracking and being able to communicate with your workers is a must in order to keep drivers safe, comply with WH&S legislation requirements and to fulfiil your due diligence.

 YMS IVMS Systems

Navman Wireless’ Satellite Communications tracking solution offers you the convenience to have visibility of and communicate with your employees and vehicles even when out of cellular coverage via our DIRECTOR software which facilitates in combination Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence.